5 Tested Lead Generation Strategies for Your Vegan Business

Vegan products and brands are experiencing an unprecedented boost in demand. It's no wonder, then, that proactive marketers are making the most out of this trend.

The sudden boom in U.S. sales of vegan foods is mainly linked to millennials, who are frequently going vegan. Regardless of commonly shared motivations such as animal welfare, health, environmental reasons, or to fight world hunger, more Americans are shifting to a meat-free, plant-based diet.

Between 2013 and 2018, the number of people in America identifying as “vegan" increased by approximately 50%, from 4.2% to 6.4% of the adult population.

Although there are some variances in data, we’re certainly looking at an upward trend. While that’s still a pretty small portion of the total population, other sources reveal that there’s a growing interest in plant-based foods coming from customers who don’t view themselves as either vegetarian or vegan.

Compared to animal-based foods, sales of plant-based alternatives rose by 11% over the past year, while overall U.S. food sales went up only by 2%. However, the U.S. vegan food market size reached about $4.5 billion in 2019.

Meat alternative brands like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Good Foods, and many others are seizing the opportunity and capturing their share of this still young market by exclusively offering vegan alternatives. Nevertheless, even non-vegan trademarks, restaurants, and food companies are proposing vegan options free of animal products.

As a vegan brand, now's your time to shine! 

You not only have the chance to capture a share of a growing market, but you also have an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

More and more consumers are starting to recognize the fact that their daily habits can have real consequences on the environment. And in view of this realization, many people are ready to make a change in their lives and make sure that their impact is going to be a positive one.

That's why people have become very careful when choosing the brands they want to associate with and the products they want to buy. If they decide they want to purchase something from you, it's likely not only because your products are great, but it's also because your values align with your buyers' beliefs.

So how can you reach out to your audience in a meaningful way and let people know what you believe in and what your values are?

How can you connect with your audience and inspire them to join you in your attempt to make a significant change in the world?

Vegan Social Media Marketing

The vegan movement is driven by young consumers. That doesn't mean that there are no vegans from other age groups, however, the target audience here is 25-34 years old. In fact, according to The Economist, in 2019, 25% of 25 to 34-year-old Americans were classified as vegan or vegetarian. 

As a brand, having an audience in this age group means you've struck gold. These customers have money to spend, they’re extremely engaged on social media, and they are receptive to try new brands.

Facebook and Instagram Ads targeting the vegan audience

Facebook and Instagram are an especially effective channel for engaging with vegans.

You can simply build an ad audience by including people who have vegan interests and people who follow vegan content. Design an ad message that clearly calls out your vegan product and leads to a landing page where people can find out more about it. 

For instance, here's a message that the guys at Impossible Foods used on their website: "Just one Impossible Burger (instead of a burger made from cows) will save the equivalent of 96% less land, 87% less water, 89% fewer GHG emissions."

And here's what the guys at Beyond Meat said about their BEYOND BURGER®: "A burger with taste so rich and texture so meaty, you won't believe it’s made from plants. Find It in the meat aisle."

Pinterest Ads targeting vegan posts and topics

Pinterest users are heavy shoppers, more than on any other social media channel.

Food, design, and fashion are the three main topics on here, so there’s already a ton of options for vegan content. 

The good news is, Pinterest ads are less competitive than ads on other platforms. And lower competitiveness means lower CPCs and a less crowded platform. 

When it comes to targeting, Pinterest allows you to take two different approaches. Of course, before you can target anyone, you have to create a Promoted Pin about your vegan products. 

Then, one option would be to target Pinterest users who have already interacted with other vegan pins in the past. The other option would be to display your Promoted Pin to people who browse in the categories where you've saved your Pin (Vegan Food, Vegan Deserts, etc.). Of course, no one stops you from doing both.

The goal here is to lead to a high-conversion landing page that offers the product from your pin.

Vegan Influencer Marketing

Budgets designated to influencer marketing by brands proceeded to rise during 2019 and are set to do so in 2020. Still, as influencer marketing advances, so will their coupling strategies.

Product Reviews with Vegan Influencers

With thousands of vegan influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and blogs you have a very wide range to choose from. Their main goal is to try, talk about, and recommend vegan products every single day.

Depending on whether we're looking at an influencer who has 100,000 followers or whether we're looking at someone who has millions of followers, an influencer campaign could cost you anywhere from $1,000 to $1,000,000. 

Our (completely unbiased 😉) opinion is that Gianna Ciaramello is one of the best out there! Of course, you should ultimately partner with someone you feel can do a great job representing your brand. 

What's important to remember is that the reason why you should consider working with an influencer is that these are social media professionals who can place your brand and product in front of a considerable, targeted audience of vegan lifestyle enthusiasts. 

NinjaOutreach is a great place to discover, research, and engage with influencers to get you started. 

In order for you to scale this program, our recommendation is to create a landing page where influencers can ask for a free review sample. You can then email or message your influencer list and lead them to your page.

SEO for Your Vegan Business

Did you know that 75% of Google users never go beyond the first search engine result page?

Hence, the chances are that your vegan business is losing sales as we speak, not because your products don't match your consumers' needs, but because your brand doesn't come up among the top search results in Google.   

Local Search Listing

For local businesses, such as vegan restaurants or plant-based food delivery, a high Google Maps ranking is the most useful thing you can do for your business. 

It’s placed above all the traditional organic listings and has a noticeable placement along with your contact details and rating stars. And for such an outstanding display, the challenge to rank is often less competitive than other SERP placements. 

If you find it difficult to do a local search listing on your own, we are here to help you.

First, we’ll get you a free report to show you which listings you currently have and how they rank in terms of accuracy. This will give you a great overview of your current digital marketing efforts.

If you’d like to take it one step further, you can subscribe to our Listings Manager service, which includes:

  • Listings Manager Setup
  • Over 70 Directory Listings
  • Google Business Listing Optimization 
  • Listings Manager Quality Assurance

Vegan Category Page

Even when you aren't a 100% vegan business, you can still make it accessible for vegans to purchase from you by arranging a page of your vegan options. 

Remember to implement basic SEO best practices such as META title and the description, your H1/H2 title tags, URL naming, and on-page test with the keyword "Vegan" with your products or services. 

But first, you should start by reviewing your SEO tactics. Let’s have a chat and you could benefit from an SEO analysis on the house.

SEM for Your Plant-Based Business

Comprehensive digital marketing strategies for vegan businesses draw numerous prospects, especially those who are most inclined to become your customers. But how do you find them if the keyword “vegan” is not sufficient to help you find suitable leads for your business?

Here’s what you can do instead: take a moment to consider why people become vegan.

Why do you think that more and more people are attracted to this lifestyle?

Many people do it for health reasons. Of course, many others do it because they believe strongly in animal rights. They can't fathom killing another sentient being for food. To them, factory farming is a form of unnecessary cruelty. Hence, going vegan is an ethical decision for many people. 

But animal rights aren't the end-all and be-all of veganism. Often, going vegan is synonymous with going green. As we've mentioned before, people have come to understand how much our eating habits can affect the environment. 

For instance, it's a known fact that in order to grow the crops necessary to feed the animals farmed for human consumption, we've had to do quite a bit of deforestation.

To many people, veganism means doing your part in making the world a better place.

So, if you're targeting a vegan audience, animal rights, sustainable living, or climate change are some of the other interests (i.e. keywords) that will help you reach a larger audience.

Google Ads for Vegan Searches

You can also seize the searches for your vegan product or service with Google Ads. 

First, create your keyword list with KWFinder, then design ads that speak to vegans, and ultimately direct them to an engaging and relevant landing page. 

Also, make sure you have the analytics and conversion tracking up and running to optimize and examine performance.

Retargeting Your Vegan Audience

Last but not least, you should understand that the driving force behind the vegan tendency consists of young people. Millennials and Generation Z, the people between 18 and 30 years old, are now your most likely customers.

They are extremely tech-savvy, use their smartphones for nearly everything, from social media to purchase products and services, and they have high expectations when it comes to a brand's use of technology.

They react to micro-moments, engaging content, and unique experiences. 

Consequently, strong digital marketing strategies for vegan businesses must incorporate these elements, as well as a brand voice adjusted to a youthful and dynamic audience.

You can nurture, re-engage, and retain customers with Google Display Network remarketing ads. 

Install the Google Ads pixel on your website, create vegan-specific ads, and redirect traffic to your vegan page or use dynamic ads for them to return to the product they abandoned in the shopping cart. 

Facebook Ads also provide great retargeting solutions.

Bottom Line

The vegan audience is usually in buying mode, which means they’re looking for a particular product or service. So your plant-based business must be front and center in that visitor’s journey if you’re going to improve your conversion rate and of course, make more money.

Do you know which lead generation approach you are going to implement first?

Whether you’re a vegan fashion brand willing to create a serious buzz in the media, a plant-based food company wanting to increase your social media engagement, or an expert needing to improve your copy to boost your leads and sales, we’ve got you covered. 

Let's chat about how we can provide a complete digital marketing strategy to take your vegan business to the next level.


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