Cold Email Campaign

Cold Email Campaign

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First, we'll work together to determine your ideal client profile, target industries, and discover commonalities among your clients.

Next, we'll run a personalized outreach campaign, with a set of email sequences that are optimized for increased conversion rates.

You'll receive monthly updates from the campaign's dashboard, from which you'll be able to monitor the campaign's progress.

When a prospect responds with interest, you'll be notified immediately and you can work on closing the deal.

This will get you connected to new, targeted leads on a weekly basis.

This gig includes:

- Copywriting: Five custom email templates with mail merge fields
- Data collection: 1,000 marketing-qualified leads with verified email addresses
- Technical setup to ensure email deliverability
- A/B testing for campaign optimization
- Monthly reporting

Upgrade from Basic to Premium for these extras:

- Sales-optimized landing page templates
- Video and calendar integration
- Copywriting: Two additional email templates with mail merge fields


How it works

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We'll send a quick questionnaire to learn about your goals.

One-time orders will be delivered in 7 business days or less. Recurring services don't take much longer!