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LinkedIn Growth Engine

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Success on LinkedIn means paying attention to three things.

Reach. Reputation. Audience.

The first step is making sure you’re not talking to an empty room. That means building out your network with hundreds of qualified prospects and expanding your influence. We’re great with that.

We will work together to create and define filters and the right groups to target with you—then we'll send daily connection requests on your behalf.

To increase the connection acceptance rate, we will send a custom note along with each request. We work together with you to create this message.

This will get you connected to new, high value, targeted leads each week.

This gig includes:

- Copywriting: Five custom connection request templates
- Daily connection requests sent to targeted contacts

Upgrade from Basic to Premium for these extras:

- Copywriting: Three custom-crafted InMail templates
- Targeted InMails automatically sent to your most relevant leads
- Targeted follow-up messages sent to your new connections to promote products, events, webinars, etc.


How it works

Choose the gig(s) you need to  accomplish your mission.

We'll send a quick questionnaire to learn about your goals.

One-time orders will be delivered in 7 business days or less. Recurring services don't take much longer!